10 year bliss

People say that love goes away with time. That everyday life’s routine kills the passion. Does it?  Meeting Lauren and Linzey, put this moto to the test!

Lauren and Linzie got married on June 1st, after being together for 10 years. I’m sure that during this time, they’ve seen each other through a lot. I know they’ve travelled the world together.  But being with them, on their wedding day, I must admit it didn’t feel at all like “the formal next step expected out of two adults in a long term relationship”.  On the contrary, it felt like a celebration of a lasting love, and it was warm and moving and downright fun!

Set against the most romantic setting,  the traditional blue domes of the Turquoise villa in Santorini and the endless horizon of the Aegean sea, the wedding was simple, held in the closest circle of their two best friends and “constant travelling partners”, as they all explained. The lack of pressure of a huge guest list, set a relaxed, intimate atmosphere, both during the preparation as well as the ceremony, involving people who have obviously been witnesses not only to each other’s weddings but also to each other’s lives! I loved the set of shots we organized under the church bells of Ag. Spiridonas – Oia’s most famous temple- and during the evening walk at the mountain pass to Fira, which gave me a change to capture the newlyweds bathed in the setting sunlight. Another funmoment was the pictures of Lauren and Linzey with their neighboring old lady to whom Lauren decided to give her bridal bouquet as she was wishing them all her blessings in Greek.

Oh…. and of course, let us not forget the dancing!