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Under the skies of Amorgos

Angelos & Mariko Although very popular among the Greeks, the island of Amorgos still remains under the radar of the wide majority of tourists and wedding planners. It is a hidden jewel of the Aegean , known mostly to nature lovers , diving fans, and French film enthusiasts who have happened to see Luc Besson’s “The Big Blue”. So when Angelos and Mariko asked me if I would travel there to photograph their wedding, I was really quite thrilled at […]


Ketziel and Paula Ketziel and Paula were a dazzling couple. Handsome, smart, full of energy and excitement. They planned a private wedding in Santorini, at a most romantic spot overlooking the caldera, with endless bright skies on top and the calm blue seas of the Aegean underneath. It was perfect. The trick was to catch all this in film in a way that would make everyone back home feel as if they were there! Magic in the moonlight That was […]

Eric&Christina Falling in Love in Oia

Eric & Christina Falling in Love in Oia I truly love it when I get to work with couples in the village of Oia. Especially when they are so warm, relaxed and charming, as Eric and Christina proved to be. Couples sessions give a photographer, a whole new set of possibilities, as opposed to wedding shoots. The lack of a strict time schedule, allows you to work more in detail, discovering exciting new spots and trying new angles, even at […]

Paul & Julie (santorini)

LEAVING THE WORLD BEHIND… It’s the most essential part of a holiday. It’s the ultimate joy in travelling. But most of all it’s one of Santorini’s most fascinating aspects: leaving the world behind. Escaping the metropolitan scenery to a place where life runs by a different pace equally challenging you to see yourself though a different set of eyes. Paul and Julie Paul and Julie embraced this challenge with arms open wide. They spent their four day stop in Santorini, […]

10 year bliss

10 year bliss People say that love goes away with time. That everyday life’s routine kills the passion. Does it?  Meeting Lauren and Linzey, put this moto to the test! Lauren and Linzie got married on June 1st, after being together for 10 years. I’m sure that during this time, they’ve seen each other through a lot. I know they’ve travelled the world together.  But being with them, on their wedding day, I must admit it didn’t feel at all […]

BRIDAL SHOOT / Reliving a Childhood Dream

BRIDAL SHOOT Reliving a Childhood Dream  Maria, my model, grew up in the Peloponnese and the Diros Caves was one of her strongest memories as a child. Situated in the western part of Mani, the main Cave, Vlyhada, is more than 15 km long and one of the most beautiful of its kind, with an underground river running though the biggest part of it. The inside of the cave, partly accessible on foot and partly by boat, provided a dreamy […]

Santorini…Live the Moment, Capture the Emotion, Imprint the Memory!

The beauty of the Aegean Santorini, the beauty of the Aegean, is the island that combines natures’ fury with her gifts. The island, praised by ancient and modern poets, is a mixture of the wild beauty of a volcano eruption and the serenity of the deep blue Greek sea. Santorini is the island where travelers from all over the world come to experience one of earths most breathtaking sunsets, viewed from the picturesque village of Oia. They come view the […]