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BRIDAL SHOOT / Reliving a Childhood Dream


Reliving a Childhood Dream

 Maria, my model, grew up in the Peloponnese and the Diros Caves was one of her strongest memories as a child. Situated in the western part of Mani, the main Cave, Vlyhada, is more than 15 km long and one of the most beautiful of its kind, with an underground river running though the biggest part of it.

The inside of the cave, partly accessible on foot and partly by boat, provided a dreamy background for our shoot with its unique collection of stalactites and stalagmites creating something out of a fairy tale: Huge sculpted rooms where, in occasions, the stalactites and stalagmites meet, forming   bright pillars as if in a marble palace.  “I was only 9, when we first visited the cave but the image stayed with me as a childhood fantasy, picturing myself in there, as a princess trapped in a magic castle, waiting for my prince to come and rescue me.  Today, I couldn’t think a more appropriate place for a bridal shoot, like a flash out my childhood dream which will always be close to my heart”

Being there for the shoot with her, I must admit I completely shared her feeling… even though we know now that princes and magic castles don’t exist in our world…. or do they?

Diros Caves are a 4 hour drive from Athens and hence could be a one day adventure.  These pictures are taken inside the main cave (Vlyhada) and another cave close by. The temperature inside Vlyhada is a steady 17 ο C so the shoot is quite comfortable even during the winter. I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for shoot out of the ordinary.

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