A wedding is not just a ceremony…


It’s not just about the wedding vows, it’s not just to declare your commitment to the person you have decided to spend the rest of your life together. It’s not just the gifts, the gathering of family and friends, the reception that follows.

Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between countries, religions, cultures, ethnic groups and social classes. But, there is one thing that’s common worldwide: A wedding is – above all – the beginning of the ultimate adventure in one’s life!

The adventure that will reach its goal when the “two souls will become one”, as the adage suggests. Can you think of a better place for beginning of this thrilling adventure than the unique island of Santorini? We are here to make sure that we will capture all the essential moments of your special day, in an artistic and vivid way.

We are here to make sure that the photographs of your wedding will match your high expectations. We will combine the sublime landscape of Santorini island with your outer and inner beauty, to achieve the optimum result.