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Ketziel and Paula

Ketziel and Paula were a dazzling couple. Handsome, smart, full of energy and excitement. They planned a private wedding in Santorini, at a most romantic spot overlooking the caldera, with endless bright skies on top and the calm blue seas of the Aegean underneath. It was perfect. The trick was to catch all this in film in a way that would make everyone back home feel as if they were there!

Magic in the moonlight

That was the couple’s first request when we first met on the island to discuss the arrangements. They had decided to fly across the planet, from Puerto Rico, mostly because they were looking for something different from the setting they were accustomed to, a spot of such mesmerizing beauty that would give justice to that most important day of their lives. And they wanted all of their family and friends to feel included in the event, live that moment through the pictures as vividly as they would if they could be there.

We planned everything very carefully. A walk around the town to catch them within the elegance of the Cyclade’s architecture, between the homegrown flowers and the traditional churches. Then the way to the place where the wedding was held. It was a miracle what they did with that terrace, transforming it into an alter of impeccable taste with thin drapes flowing white, giving you the sense of floating in the air.

Magical moment

But the truly magical moment was the night astrophotography session after the wedding. Undaunted by the excitement of the day, they came with me, fully dressed to the open countryside out of Oia for some almost mystical shots, under the stars, with the village lights glittering in the dark.

Against such a setting the chemistry and enthusiasm these two shared came out in volumes. And I couldn’t be happier when they wrote back to say that everyone loved the result back home!

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