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Paul & Julie (santorini)


It’s the most essential part of a holiday. It’s the ultimate joy in travelling. But most of all it’s one of Santorini’s most fascinating aspects: leaving the world behind. Escaping the metropolitan scenery to a place where life runs by a different pace equally challenging you to see yourself though a different set of eyes.

Paul and Julie

Paul and Julie embraced this challenge with arms open wide. They spent their four day stop in Santorini, strolling in the narrow streets of the villages, exploring the steep cliffs and secret mountain pathways, reveling in the simple pleasures the island’s life has to offer. I would expect that being two successful businessmen from USA with tons of responsibilities and hectic rythms they would miss the buzz of the city, the thrill of driving sports cars in the track – which is Paul’s favorite hobby – and the luxury and comfort of the western lifestyle they had earned for themselves. I was wrong.


As our photoshoot went on, in the mild June evening light, I realized all they really needed was each other. We had decided to split our session in two days, a romantic walk just before sundown, and then an early morning stroll through Oia, just before villages fullly awakened.

As I was following them through my photographic lens, they seemed to me as happy and relaxed as two teenagers discovering the world while holding hands together. I guess that’s what love really is: standing in a mansion, a cottage or a cave and still feeling blessed for the person standing next to you.

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