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Under the skies of Amorgos

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Angelos & Mariko

Although very popular among the Greeks, the island of Amorgos still remains under the radar of the wide majority of tourists and wedding planners. It is a hidden jewel of the Aegean , known mostly to nature lovers , diving fans, and French film enthusiasts who have happened to see Luc Besson’s “The Big Blue”. So when Angelos and Mariko asked me if I would travel there to photograph their wedding, I was really quite thrilled at the idea of capturing a ceremony with a more traditional twist!

Under the skies of Amorgos

The setting was just fantastic! Τhe capital, “Chora”, were the wedding was held, is built to a considerable height above sea level, so the view over the sea was simply magnificent. Unlike other more popular islands like Mykonos or Santorini, Amorgos has changed very little over the years, so as Angelos and Mariko were walking up the paved steps on their way to the church, among the pines and low old houses, it felt like we entered a time capsule and landed back in Greece of the 70’s!

This sense was fortified by the fact that the couple had decided on a traditional Christian Orthodox ceremony held in a small church, under candle lights, old chandaliers and priests chanting, one of which was already close to the couple. And that graced the moment with a taste of mystique and real emotional atmosphere that was evident in everyone’s faces: The couple and the guests.

Beautifully sophisticated!

Although coming from a dozen different countries, friends and family didn’t fail to follow the old Greek custom of throwing rice to the couple after the wedding so that their marriage would last.

But upon arrival at the reception, you get to realize that our modern age can be equally charming! Everyone greeted the newly weds by flying blue and white balloons in the air, toasting, dancing and in general sharing a truly lively and graceful evening. Being there with these beautifully sophisticated people was really a treat.

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